What's that weird guitar on page 15 of the book "500 Guitars"?

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Via the Amazon.com page for "500 Guitars", Thomas Kelly has asked the following question:
What is the guitar on page 15? According to the book it should be the 57 Chevy but I can't find this model anywhere on the internet.
My answer (which a friend has posted on Amazon.com for me because having a UK Amazon account I am unable to post on the American site) is as follows:
Hi Thomas,

I wish the publishers had let me check through the proofs before going to print because they got a lot of the pictures wrong. I did offer to do this for them and was never taken up on the offer. Right at the start I was told I could choose ANY guitars I wanted to write about and that their art department would find the pictures, and that it wouldn't be a problem.

The guitar in the picture on page 15 is a guitar made by Auerswald Instruments, a German company specialising in innovative designs. On page 22 there is a write up of the Auerswald Model C guitar, but the picture on page 15 isn't a Model C. It's not a model currently on their website but you'll see from the other guitars in the range that stylistically it shares many traits including the "Sustain Bow" arm connecting the head to the body.

If you want to see a picture of a 57 Chevy, just Google "American Showster 57 Chevy" and check the images!

Jackson Roswell Rhodes

Minggu, 25 September 2011 komentar
Jackson Roswell Rhodes UFO-themed guitar with cool "crop circle" inlays

I'm not normally a fan of pointy guitars intended for metal music, and although I realise that the shape of this Jackson Roswell Rhodes is most impractical, I do enjoy the simplicity of its design which manages to convey the intended UFO imagery perfectly. I particularly like the fingerboard inlays which appear to be characters from some weird alien script, or alternatively crop circle designs (even though the sensible among us know that all crop circles are created by hoaxers and/or artists). I can't imagine using it for a studio instrument or around the house or for playing when seated but I'm sure it would make a fantastic stage guitar for the right band.