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To play in A Major, start this pattern in P5.
a ionian in tab
Suggested fingerings below the tab. Play the scale ascending and descending.
These 3 tone per string scales are movable. 12 for 1.
You can train straight alternate picking [down-up], or directional picking.
Directional would be down-up-down through the 6-2 strings, then the 'flip' would be only using the B and C# on the first string [down-up], then switching to up-down-up descending.
With this type of picking, the last down or up [of a d-u-d or u-d-u] would be a rest stroke, where rest stroke means that you let your pick land on the next string to be articulated.

Scale Inventory

a inventory

A Jam Track

by joseph Harrison
jam chart
Two ways of Thinking
  1. Play in A Major. The modes happen naturally. Listen for color tones.
  2. Every time the chord changes, it's a new mode; consider A Ionian over A, F# Aeolian over the F#m, E Mixolydian over the E, and D Lydian over the D.


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